Gov. Report Says Weed Legalization In CA Led To Increased Criminal Activities, Advocates Beg To Differ

marijuana legalization in california A new report published by the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas Program (HIDTA) has led to an increase in criminal activity.

“California’s recreational cannabis legalization has likely led to crime related to drug production and transportation, particularly by DTOs and organized crime groups,” the report to Congress said.

This drug prohibition enforcement program, supported by the White House’s Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP), aims to reduce drug production and trafficking. Its latest annual report lists a number of complaints about state-level marijuana legalization, coming from police in several areas.

Law enforcement officials in states where recreational marijuana is not legal, including Minnesota, Wisconsin, Ohio, Oklahoma and Texas, said illegal trafficking groups were selling marijuana and THC products sourced primarily from Colorado and the West Coast. reported that it is

What’s Happening in California?

Northern California’s HIDTA noted the “collateral violence” associated with marijuana trafficking and the “weed crack” that appears to be increasing with the legalization of marijuana.

“Human trafficking and smuggling, violent armed robbery, burglary and homicide were associated with the marijuana trade,” the report said.

Additionally, several legitimate businesses in the Golden State have allegedly assisted criminal groups in their cannabis efforts.

“Criminal groups documented in the NC HIDTA AOR have established or partnered with ostensibly legal enterprises to carry out illegal production and human trafficking,” the report continues.

In addition to widespread violence, illegal marijuana cultivation operations are becoming a “serious environmental threat” because they “pollute and divert water sources and poison wildlife.”

Cannabis advocates have criticized the report, highlighting its biased position on federal cannabis legalization. Sadly, it’s especially true in California that legalization seems to be failing to curb the black market.


High taxes, the cost of obtaining licenses, and a lack of resources devoted to enforcement actions against illegal operators are among the reasons the market for recreational marijuana in California, which recently celebrated its sixth anniversary of legalizing recreational marijuana, is struggling. It seems that there is.

In addition, many illegal drivers can escape with a flick of the wrist when caught and can resume driving.

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