HealthNet TPO stands with women’s right to work and continues life-saving activities following ban on women working for NGOs in Afghanistan – Afghanistan

HealthNet TPO opposes the Taliban’s decision to ban women from working for NGOs as of December 24, 2022. The organization will continue to defend the right to work with female colleagues and save lives.

Women are at the heart of HealthNet TPO. They are our doctors, nurses, midwives, counselors, social workers, laboratory technicians, community health workers, financial officers, project managers, and more. Through female colleagues, we can improve the health and well-being of Afghanistan’s most vulnerable groups, women and children. Most women can only be helped by a female health care professional. Without them, we cannot provide life-saving assistance and women are denied access to healthcare.

The recent ban on women working in NGOs is in addition to the closure of secondary schools and the ban on women attending college. Not letting women study or work is harmful to everyone. Women workers are essential to humanitarian assistance and health care delivery in Afghanistan. A ban would limit humanitarian access and have devastating consequences for the country’s future.Afghanistan needs more, not fewer, female doctors and nurses. The lives of women and children are at stake.

Currently, HealthNet TPO is not barring female colleagues from working here, allowing them to continue all wellness activities within the organization’s managed healthcare facilities. Do not change this.

However, female staff within the office, who play an integral role in the functioning of the organization and the implementation of health projects, and health activities directly supporting women and children within the community have been affected.

HealthNet TPO cannot and does not want to function without full and secure employability of its female colleagues. This organization will work with (I)NGOs, the United Nations, donors and all relevant stakeholders to ensure a solution to this situation and to support the Afghan people throughout society and address their urgent needs. We are committed to helping you fill and rebuild. Protecting livelihoods and creating a peaceful and healthy future.

About HealthNet TPO in Afghanistan

Since 1994, HealthNet TPO has assisted the people of Afghanistan, improving the lives of millions through projects focused on health, mental health, disease prevention and control. The organization operates 23 projects in 19 states nationwide, providing basic and specialized health care, mental health and psychosocial support services, and emergency health interventions. HealthNet TPO in Afghanistan employs over 6,200 staff, of whom 2,016 are women. In 2021, 2.3 million people will be treated through 135 primary and secondary health centers. Among its many achievements, the organization has treated more than 66,000 of her children under the age of five with severe acute malnutrition and provided emergency humanitarian assistance to nearly 600,000 vulnerable people, especially women and children. provided.

In the early 2000s, HealthNet TPO was a driving force in transforming Afghanistan’s female health workers to improve female and child mortality. Through training programs for female midwives, nurses and medical professionals, we have helped save lives and improve the health of women and children.

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