Healthy aspects of outdoor winter activities

Getting outside and playing in the snow is a great way to strengthen your body. Any good boy would say that. With the long wait for schools to reopen, most parents tell their children to get outside and burn off some steam.

The benefits of snow sports have long been known. Skiing and snowboarding bring awareness to the body. Since most of Snow’s sports involve a squat position, there’s no better way to train your lower body.

Imagine how well you’ll sleep tonight after tobogganing, skating, or moving snow. One of the benefits of cold weather is scientifically proven to improve sleep quality. Get your skids out today! Your circadian rhythm will thank you for it.

Your knees, ankles, and feet endure more strain when you try to maneuver in the snow. The extra impact makes your bones stronger. It may even prevent osteoporosis and knee injuries.

  • cold and increased appetite
  • improve sleep quality
  • Nurture positive mental health
  • great workout

I spoke with Mike Harilen at the McGowan Park outdoor rink. He was glad the weather was nice when he skated with young Shatala Bakanek. “I love that it’s free,” he said as he took her skates off in a warm place.

“It was fun,” said Shatala, who doesn’t play hockey. “I’d rather figure skate than play hockey.” It’s more important than the fact that you can do it.

Kindersley has three outdoor rinks. They are in McGowan Park, Kinsmen Park, and Rosedale. Open to the public daily from 8am to 11pm, depending on weather conditions.

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