Here are 8 Christmas Activities to Make this holiday season more memorable

Christmas means family time. Whether you’re traveling or in the comfort of your own home, here’s a list of 15 Christmas activities that can help make this Christmas a memorable one.

8 Christmas Activities for 2022

Open an old recipe book and look for holiday specials.

It’s good to bookmark the classic dishes, but please look for new recipes this year.

Host a Baking Day at Christmas

Make multiple treats, savory and sweets to grab family members and distribute to elderly neighbors

go to museums and botanical gardens

Museums and botanical gardens are typically very ornately decorated for the Christmas season and are great fun for children and adults alike.

Visit the nearest Christmas tree farm

If you plan to put up a real tree this year, a family trip to the Christmas Tree Farm is worth a visit.

attend a Christmas Eve service

Whether you attend church regularly or not, there is something sacred and magical about the service on the eve of Christmas.

10 Holiday Gift Ideas For Those Who Have Everything

10 Holiday Gift Ideas For Those Who Have Everything

go sledding

The thrill of riding a sleigh down a hill is like no other. Luckily, nothing beats climbing the same hill and starting over.

take a family photo

New style this year. Dress up formally or welcome the warmth of Christmas in your pajamas.

Attend a Christmas-themed reenactment show at a local theater

Go to the internet and look online for possible performances and dates. It is also a fun time to go to the theater in costume.


  1. Is Christmas celebrated on the same day around the world?
    No, Western Christian Traditions – Catholics and Protestants celebrate Christmas on December 25th, as do Orthodox Churches in Bulgaria, Romania, Syria and Greece. All other Orthodox Christians, except Armenians and Copts, use the Julian calendar and therefore celebrate on January 7th.
  2. Where does Santa typically enter the house?
    According to popular belief, Santa is believed to visit homes through the chimney.

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