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Hanoi (VNA) – Distortion of history movie activity According to the government’s new decree, fines of 40-50 million VND (1,700-2,100 USD) will be imposed.

Decree 128/2022/ND-CP amends and supplements some provisions of the Government’s revised Decree 38/2021/ND-CP dated 29 March 2021.
administrative violation in the fields of culture and advertising.

The new decree amends the levels of fines for violating rules on prohibited acts in cinematography.

Therefore, cinematographic activities that are subject to fines of 40-50 million VND include distorting national history. deny the fruits of the revolution. Slander a country, celebrity, or national hero. defame or insult the reputation of any institution or organization, or the honor and dignity of any individual; divulging personal secrets or other secrets restricted by law;

Among other things, incitement to violence, damage to cultural values ​​and national interests, propagation of crimes, and incitement to resist the enforcement of the Constitution and laws are also subject to fines.

In addition, those who commit these acts will also be suspended from film production, film distribution, advertising and publicity activities in Vietnam. movie development 1-3 months.

The statute also provided for fines for rule violations relating to other prohibited cinematography activities.

Decree 128/2022/ND-CP will enter into force on February 15, 2023.


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