Holiday help: Holiday activity clubs continue in 2023

The government today (December 22) confirmed £200 million to fund holiday activities and food programs throughout 2023, so hundreds of thousands of children across England will be able to stay free during school holidays. Keep access to nutritious meals and engaging activities at

These free holiday clubs operate across England and offer free nutritious meals and enriched activities such as football, play sessions and cooking classes during Christmas, Easter and the summer holidays. We support parents’ childcare expenses. According to new figures released today, in the UK in summer 2022 he will have more than 8,000 clubs, events or organized activities, with around 600,000 children benefiting from the scheme.

To continue supporting the most needy families, the government has confirmed that it will provide local authorities with over £200 million in funding for this program in 2023.

Speaking today at the Holiday Activities and Food Club in Guildford, Secretary of Education Gillian Keegan said:

Supporting children’s mental, physical and social development by providing them with nutritious meals and fun, and engaging them in activities during their holidays, giving them opportunities they might not otherwise have. It provides an opportunity for children to have fun while helping parents who cannot afford to do the same.

It was great to see more than 500,000 children benefit from this program this summer, and we are happy to announce that the program will continue through 2023.

A government holiday activities and food program was piloted in 2018. It was created in response to the pressures low-income families can face during the holiday season. They are more likely to experience social isolation and “unhealthy vacations” in terms of nutrition and physical health.

It is offered to school-aged children from the time they enter school through grade 11, receive benefits related to free school meals, and allows local governments to fund clubs during the summer, Easter and Christmas holidays. I can.

There is evidence that participating in holiday clubs can have a positive impact on children’s performance, health and well-being. This is especially true for clubs that offer more than just meals but enriched activities and involve children and parents in preparing healthy meals.

The continuation of holiday activities and meal programs is part of the government’s efforts to help vulnerable families, especially in disadvantaged areas, whose costs are rising due to global inflationary pressures. The program will run alongside the Household Assistance Fund, which helps vulnerable households through small payments for food, clothing and utilities. The fund was recently extended until 30 March 2024, adding an additional £1 billion to be used by local authorities to support vulnerable households.

there is [guidance and a grant letter][(https://wwwgovuk/government/publications/holiday-activities-and-food-programme)tosupportlocalgovernments[(https://wwwgovuk/government/publications/holiday-activities-and-food-programme)tosupportLocalAuthorities[(https://wwwgovuk/government/publications/holiday-activities-and-food-programme)地方自治体を支援する。[(https://wwwgovuk/government/publications/holiday-activities-and-food-programme)tosupportLocalAuthorities

Local families and holiday club providers are encouraged to share their program experiences on social media using the hashtags #HAF2022 this Christmas and #HAF2023 next year.

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