How to enable the Activity Sharing feature on your Apple Watch

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New Year’s bells promise a new start. For many, this includes the goal of becoming more physically active. At first, it’s easy to ride to new target heights. Of course, staying motivated and consistent can be difficult.

Sharing your exercise stats with friends and relatives not only helps you be accountable, but also keeps you motivated to reach your activity goals throughout the year. apple watch The Activity Sharing feature is a convenient and easy way to grow your own mini-exercise community and have friendly competition with your friends across Apple Watches. Entering 2022, I started sharing information with my mother. We run daily contests to see who can take the most steps.

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This guide briefly explains how to share your activity with other Apple Watch users. We’ll also show you how to enter the 7-day Apple Watch Activity Contest.

Note that when you share your activity, you and the recipient will see a subset of your full stats. It includes:

  • See each other’s daily activity rings
  • Get notified after a friend completes a workout
  • View workout metrics (calories burned, distance walked, duration, etc.)

How to send Apple Watch activity sharing invitations

Getting started with the sharing process is easy, but make sure you and your recipient both have an iPhone and an Apple Watch before sending the invitation. Also, to ensure the smoothest sharing process, please make sure you and your partner have recently updated their phones and watches to the latest iOS software.

You can add friends from your Apple Watch, but we recommend using your iPhone. The large interface makes it easy to search for contacts instead of scrolling through your watch. Either way, the process is more or less the same.

Open the Fitness app on your iPhone and tap[共有]Tap the tab (the S is for a ring).

before[共有]If you’ve never dialed into a tab,[開始]A message will appear asking you to

On your Apple Watch, tap the Activities app (three rings) and scroll down to[友達を招待]scroll through your contacts, and tap your friend’s name.

Apple allows up to 40 contacts in a shared network, but unless you’re training in a large group such as a marathon running club, we recommend adding 3-5 people who really motivate you. Recommended.

When adding a contact, in the fitness app[共有]Go to the top right corner of the tab. You will see a lime green profile icon. Tap the icon and when the interface changes, tap the green plus button.

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From here, enter a friend’s name or select from a list of Apple-suggested contacts. Select a contact and tap Send.

If you’re adding from your Apple Watch, tap the Activities app (three rings) and scroll down to[友達を招待]scroll through your contacts, and tap your friend’s name.

of Apple Fitness[共有]tab screenshot "plus" The white circled icon in the upper right corner that indicates how to add a contact

[共有]Once you’ve toggled your profile icon on a tab, press the green “plus” icon to scroll through the contacts you’d like to share your workout record with.

Screenshot by Christina Darby/ZDNET

The power is now in the hands of the recipient. Wait for your friend to accept your invitation before allowing others (and you, of course) to see your activity.

How to accept Apple Watch activity sharing invitations

Accepting invitations is easier than sending them. Before you approve, make sure you really want to share your activity profile.

You’ll see a notification on your Apple Watch when someone tries to add you to a shared network.

To consent, go to the fitness app on your iPhone.[共有]Swipe to a tab.

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If you miss the notification on your watch but expect an invite, the notification will also appear in the Fitness app.

fitness app[共有]Once in the tab, check your profile icon in the top right corner. If someone tries to add you to a shared network, you’ll see a “1” next to the icon.

Tap the icon. From there, the app can choose to accept or ignore the invitation.[同意する]to complete the sharing process.

How to compete with someone in the shared activity ring

Once the shared ring is full, participating in healthy competition can be an incentive to close the three rings.

How to send a challenge invite

While you can compete informally just by looking at your friends’ workout stats, here’s how to challenge your friends to an official 7-day activity showdown from both iPhone and Apple Watch.

Go to Activity Sharing Hub, aka Fitness App.lower right corner[共有]Go to tab. From the shared network, tap the name of the friend you want to play against,[(フレンドの名前) と対戦する]and select[(フレンドの名前) を招待]Tap.

Wait for your friend to accept the contest invitation before you start.

Screenshot of the iPhone conflict feature for Apple Watch activity sharing with "invite contacts" Prompts circled in white

After tapping the profile of the opponent you want to play against, tap “Fight”.Then from the popup menu[対戦]Choose.

Screenshot by Christina Darby/ZDNET

Submitting a contest request is also easy from your Apple Watch.

Open the Activity app on your watch, swipe right to access the Share screen, tap your friend’s name, scroll down, tap[(友達の名前) と競う]then tap[(友達の名前) を招待]Choose.

how to accept a challenge

If you’re not actively checking your phone or watch for challenge invites, you can easily miss them. Here’s how to make sure you don’t miss your chance to beat your competitors.

Swipe down on the Watch screen to access the Quick Notification Center.

If someone invites you to join the contest, you will see a message from Activity Sharing and a notification will pop up.

Tap the notification, then tap “I’m in!” Unleash your inner competitor.

If you want to see your notifications on your iPhone, tap the Fitness app[共有]tab to see if someone is challenging you to an Activity Duel,[参加中]You can also tap to accept.

No matter how you accept it, the challenge will last for 1 week and you can earn up to 600 points per day based on your percentage of your 3 goals (movement, exercise and stand). At the end of the challenge, the person with the most activity “points” wins and gets a prize in the Apple Activity Library. Of course, it also gives you ultimate bragging rights.


Can I see if someone has stopped sharing my activity on my Apple Watch?

When someone stops sharing an activity with you, their name is[共有]It will no longer appear in the tab.

If someone hasn’t stopped sharing and is just hiding their fitness data, the ring will be grayed out and their name will be[共有]Appears at the end of the tab.

What does share on Apple Watch mean?

The Activity Sharing feature on Apple Watch helps you and your fellow Apple Watch friends stay motivated by sharing your activity. Get notified when your friends complete their workouts or reach their goals and have access to their workout details.

How do I hide my activity on Apple Watch?

If you decide sharing your activity profile isn’t for you, but want to stop sharing casually, go to the Fitness app on your iPhone >[共有]You can hide your progress by tapping a tab > tapping Friends. (s) from the menu below your name > selected friend’s workout data to hide activity[アクティビティを非表示]Select an option.

Note that if you are currently competing with a friend, you will have to wait until the competition is over before you can hide your activity.

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