Huangshan woos tourists with Lantern Festival activities

Ti Gon

Huangshan City in Anhui Province, home to the famous Huangshan Mountain, has launched a tourism promotion campaign that includes consumption coupons and many activities to mark the Lantern Festival.

According to the city’s Huangshan District Culture, Tourism and Sports Bureau, this year’s Lantern Festival will be held on the 15th Sunday of the first month of the lunar calendar, aiming to boost the district’s cultural and tourism consumption.

One of them is Caijie, a traditional folk culture that celebrates the Chinese New Year with street performances such as walking on stilts, dragon dances and lion dances. It has been held at the Puxihe Leisure Tourism Scenic Area since Wednesday along with the Intangible Cultural Heritage and Folklore Festival.

It serves traditional local cuisine.

Huangshan attracts tourists with lantern festival activities

Ti Gon

Huangmei Opera performances and running events are also part of the festival.

A colorful fish lantern show is held at Xianyuan Town in the district. These shows date back to the Song Dynasty (960-1279) and have auspicious meanings for the New Year.

Online promotion featuring genealogy Tickets for scenic spots such as Taiping Lake, Feicui Valley, Kowloon Waterfall, and Dongtianwan Bay, as well as hotel coupons and lucky bags containing local delicacies, were recently jointly launched by the local culture and tourism bureau and the online travel agency Tongcheng Travel Agency. Hosted by

The live stream was viewed by 2.7 million people and received approximately 3,000 orders for cultural and tourism products.

The cultural and tourist season starts with similar products.

Huangshan attracts tourists with lantern festival activities

Ti Gon

Huangshan delicacies will be promoted during the livestreaming session.

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