I Moved To Vancouver A Year Ago & These 5 Tourist Activities Are Overrated AF

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Whether you’re planning a move to Vancouver like I am, or you’re planning a visit, you should have a short list of things to see and do. The city is huge and has many attractions, but not all are worth your time.

Some are overpriced, while others are overrated for what they actually offer.

After living in Vancouver for a year, I got to see a lot. You can probably recognize all these names, but trust me.

Capilano Suspension Bridge

This is a must stop for anyone coming to BC and it’s actually quite beautiful. The question, however, is how expensive it is.

Combine that with the fact that there are plenty of free suspension bridges in the area and it’s just as great – a pass for me.

Granville Island

This is another popular spot to hit when people are in town, but it was missing for me.

I don’t really understand the hype. A really busy area with some good restaurants, but not a must visit spot.

gastown steam clock

We went to see the Steam Clock on our first weekend in the city after seeing lots of pictures and being recommended.

After all, it’s pretty boring. Waiting for the clock to strike is quite the anti-climax, and then everyone walks away.


In my opinion, when visiting, it’s much wiser to go to all the areas around downtown. Areas like Mount Pleasant are closer but have more character and offer great dining and shopping. .

For a more West Coast feel, head to the North Van for nature views and avoid the busy downtown area.

kitsilano beach

During the warmer months, it’s the first stop many people come to town. It has great views of the city and harbor, but there are better beaches in the city. This is a tourist hotspot, so it gets very crowded.

Instead, head to Wreck Beach or Spanish Banks for a little less crowds.

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