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LAKE GEORGE • During the winter, Eleven Mile Reservoir offers a new level of activity: ice fishing, ice skating, ice boating and cross-country skiing. There is also winter camping. Spaces are limited and availability can be checked on his website at Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Ice fishing is very popular and anglers now have plenty of trout and Kokanee salmon. A well-maintained ice skating rink near the marina is open and free. However, all visitors to Eleven Mile Reservoir must have a park pass ($10 per day). This can be purchased at one of the many self-service kiosks located within the park or at his park office at 4229 County Road 92. Call Park at 719-748. -3401 for information and opening hours.

Ice fishing is a unique experience that offers anglers the opportunity to fish lakes and rivers during the winter without a boat. All ice sports participants are advised to exercise caution when on the ice and check the location of existing pressure ridges or open water before heading out there.

Park manager Darcy Mount said the ice was a little strange this year and not as safe as in previous years. Users are warned to avoid and remember pressure ridges — ice is not safe. The weakest areas seem to be near the marina and south of Witchers Cove.

Mount says there are about 100 huts on the ice and people enjoy sports, but she advises people never to go out alone. “We can’t see everyone and everyone should be prepared to self-rescue,” she said.

Before venturing out on a frozen lake, pond, or river, it is important to take safety measures to reduce the risk of falling off the ice. Knowing how to determine ice conditions also helps you make more informed decisions. Always walk at least 10 yards away from your buddy when changing places on the ice. If one falls under the ice, he can now call for help. Before you leave shore, let someone know your destination and expected return time. Always wear a life jacket.

Formation of a pressure ridge on the Eleven Mile Reservoir.

Bring your pocketknife, whistle, ice pick, rope and mobile phone. The key is to stay safe, stay warm, and be prepared to rescue yourself or your buddy.

If you’ve fallen through the ice and can’t get out of the cold water yourself, don’t wait for help. Carry and use an ice rescue pick to kick your feet up onto the ice as if you were swimming. Once on ice, roll onto thicker ice. Your friend must have a rope to throw at you to help rescue you from a safe distance.

If you bring pets, be sure to keep them on a leash. We love our fur babies, but if your pet falls through the ice, don’t try to help it.

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