In Addressing Iran’s Nuclear and Non-Nuclear Activities, the U.S.’s Options Are Slim

A digital illustration shows a missile superimposed on the Iranian flag.


Iran’s expanding missile and drone program, along with increasing arms transfers to Russia, have hardened the US position in nuclear negotiations, making the restoration of the 2015 nuclear deal (or reaching its successor) politically implausible. has reached a point where it may become infeasible. Nuclear crisis and possible military conflict between Iran and the United States. In recent weeks, Iran has made announcements emphasizing the acceleration of its nuclear and missile programs. Both involve Western governments and signal a growing untenable US strategy to separate Iran’s nuclear program from the rest of the national security agenda. On November 10, the head of the aerospace department of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps said Iran had successfully developed a hypersonic missile, which could theoretically carry a nuclear warhead, and said the missile could be “capable of carrying any weapon.” We can break through the anti-establishment system,” he said. -Missile Defense. 22 November, International Atomic Energy Agency

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