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Interactive iNEMI Roadmap Sessions Upcoming at IPC APEX EXPO

A dedicated team is working on new content for the iNEMI Roadmap and is seeking input from many contributors. Join us at his IPC APEX EXPO on January 24th for a roadmap of iNEMI with his director Francis Mullany and his two public brainstorms on topics related to PCBs and boards for his assembly. Please join the session. Tarja Rapala (EIPC), Co-Chair of PCB Topics.

Smart Manufacturing Roadmap for PCB Fabrication and Board Assembly
Smart manufacturing has long been positioned as a significant transformation of electronics manufacturing. However, electronics supply has varying rates of adoption across his chain. This interactive workshop session explores the challenges of deploying smart manufacturing in PCB manufacturing and board assembly. Scheduled for Tuesday, January 24, 8:00-9:30 am, Location 10. For additional information.

Roadmap of Future Application Drivers and Requirements for PCB
This session will examine the technical drivers and requirements for PCBs and how they evolve over time by application class, including consumer, high performance computing, flexible electronics, and harsh environments. To do. Scheduled for Tuesday, January 24, 10:00-11:30 am, Location 10. for additional information.


iNEMI CEO Shekar Chandrashekhar (, Vice President of Technology and Project Operations ( and Roadmap Director Francis Mullany ( Along with a certain Grace O’Malley, she will be attending APEX this year. If you are attending the conference and would like to meet, please email me.

5G/6G MAESTRO workshop scheduled

iNEMI is developing 5G/6G mmWave materials and electrical testing technology (5G/6G MAESTRO) as part of the NIST Advanced Manufacturing Technology (MfgTech) roadmap with several partners. The goal of this roadmap is to build a base of knowledge and expertise in the United States to support the development and manufacturing of his leading-edge 5G and 6G products. For an overview of our February 9 roadmap creation and a status update with highlights of our progress to date, check out the report below.

  • Georgia Tech: Identify next-generation materials and test needs — status report on dielectric properties and recommendations for work needed to transition to 5G and 6G bands.
  • Florida International University: mmWave System Design Analysis/Trends and Recommendations — Significant advances in system architecture and package integration that will enable future mmWave systems.

Get additional information.

iNEMI Board Nominations Open

We are currently accepting nominations for the iNEMI Board of Directors. The Board of Directors consists of her eight to her thirteen members from participating member companies, serving three-year staggered terms. This year, four directors will be re-elected. He has two seats that can optionally be added based on the agenda and strategy of the Board, if needed. Please note that only one nomination is allowed per participating member. Nominations for him will close on February 6th, and voting will take place for him in March. Please see email for detailed instructions on nominating candidates.

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