Ishin! Showcases Side Activities In New Trailer

Players can raise stray animals encountered in the city, plant vegetables, and cook meals for dinner.

Yakuza Studio has released a short gameplay trailer for Like A Dragon: Ishin. Players can gain insight into his side activities and other tasks that can be performed alongside his main story in the game. The trailer focuses on cooking, farming, and pets that can be kept in Ryoma’s home.

Players can spend their time peacefully with a catalog of side activities such as cooking, harvesting, petting, and interacting with other characters, as seen in the trailer displayed below. , you can build a social network around the Bakumatsu city where you can challenge yourself to get rewards, so you don’t have to follow the main story all the time.

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Players plant vegetables near their house and harvest them after a certain period of time. You can then chop up the plants and make your own meals.

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The trailer shows Ryoma helping an injured dog and stroking a cat that expresses happiness by doing somersaults. Ryoma and Haruka’s interactions were also featured in gameplay snippets. Besides, Like A Dragon: Restoration! There are plenty of games unique to the end of the Edo period, such as karaoke rhythm games, dance, courtesan games, and more.

Players can also raise stray dogs they meet in town, so they can trade vegetables to earn money. While not all that difficult, Like A Dragon: Isin! previously announced several challenges and substories that allow Ryoma to get to know other characters, such as the Captain and Curious and Spitfire Town Protector stories. Players progress through substories by completing various tasks. In the substory, we encounter several characters returning from Yakuza 0, Bacchus and Yae.

For example, in the “Captain and Curiosity” substory, the player must collect scattered memories during the Bakumatsu era and submit them to Satou Trigger. There are also characters with whom Ryoma can discuss opinions and cultural differences between societies.

Like A Dragon: Restoration is set to release on February 21st for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S|X.

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