ISIS admits faltering activities in Libya

ISIS has acknowledged its weak terrorist activity in Libya in 2022 after publishing the results of its criminal activity around the world. Nearly half of that was done in Africa.

Through one of its media outlets, the terrorist group claimed to have carried out 2,058 attacks in 22 countries in 2022, killing or wounding 6,881 people.

According to the Senegal-based Africa News Agency, 1,027 attacks, almost half of that operation, were carried out in 13 African countries, killing or wounding 3,195 people.

ISIS, which had a small presence in Libya, Benin and Uganda, carried out a total of six attacks in which 19 people were killed or wounded, according to the agency.

However, in the heart of Africa’s Sahel region near Libya, ISIS is responsible for 37 attacks in total, 22 in Mali, 11 in Niger, and 4 in Burkina Faso, resulting in 938 casualties. claimed to be.

Since March, militants have committed a series of atrocities in northern Mali, particularly in the town of Menaka, with several human rights groups accusing ISIS of killing hundreds of civilians.

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