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In 2022, JINEOLOJI conducted a number of social surveys and surveys. For example, we conducted research on women’s psychology, morality and beauty, family relationships, reasons for divorce, Sheikh Her Maksaud women’s resistance, as well as research on the north and all regions of the north. Eastern Syria; revealing its historical background.

Gineology considers training to be one of the stages of life and attaches great importance to it. About 10,000 women and men have received it in the past year. Approximately 457 seminars and lectures were also held on equal and free living, defining types of violence against women and how to confront and eliminate violence against women.

These trainings are organized on the basis of an understanding of social realities and cover all segments of society, including academies related to communes, military and civil academies, judicial bodies and institutions such as the Democratic Social Movement (TEV-DEM). It is targeted. and to the media.

Diplomatically and to introduce JINEOLOJI (Science of Women), members of the JINEOLOJI Academy and women from 30 countries around the world attended the 3rd Women’s Conference held in Tunis last September and the 2nd I also attended an international conference. Women’s Germany held last November in the capital, Berlin.

training, research and publication

Alia Amara, a member of the JINEOLOJI Academy, considered training as an important part of the work of the JINEOLOJI Academy and Training Center, organized under three main headings: training, research and publication. And she emphasized women’s knowledge. She seeks to break free from gender intolerance and build a democratic life where equality and justice prevail.

She points out that women’s science or geneology is directly related to life through training, stating: , debates, and preparing short films are gateways to knowing the truth. ” Self-discovery, social relationships.

Aria speaks for Nakhan Akarsal, an activist, academic and member of the JINEOLOJI Research Center, on why he targeted the Turkish occupied state through the intelligence services of Bashur (Southern Kurdistan): In addition to seeking to end an authoritarian era, the Turkish occupation targeted the pioneers of this science.

She pointed to the attempts of a fascist state in Turkey. “The repercussions of the revolution of 19 July 2012 and the spiritual revolution that followed have spread outside Rojava and north and east Syria. Azadi: “States opposed to the idea of ​​democracy have only targeted pioneers and champions of this idea, such as the martyr Nahan Akarsar.”

Aria promised that targeting the fighter Nakan would “target the entire women’s movement” and “will not bow to the enemy’s policies and will follow in his footsteps until freedom is brought to all women and society.” ” he affirmed.

work experience

In her turn, Nofa Ali, a member of the JINEOLOJI Research Center, mentioned the mechanism of research centers run by two foundations. “Why do we do research, what is the need?”, “We base our research on the needs of the community for the topic of interest, the difficulties and obstacles that the community faces, and how to solve them.” she said.

It should be noted that the JINEOLOJI Research Centers rely on conducting scientific research based on practical experience, taking into account the opinions and visions of members of the community through religion, mythology, society, books and curricula. Is required.



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