K-netizens match the timeline of Ravi’s activities to that of the “idol rapper” who is suspected of using a broker to evade mandatory military service

A large brokerage organization faces police investigation for helping celebrities, athletes and children of wealthy families falsify health records in order to be exempt from military service.

The issue received widespread attention from the entertainment industry after it was revealed that the idol rapper used the broker to falsify health records and was exempted from active military service, instead serving as a public service worker. increase.

Brokerage organizations used their customer, the idol rapper ‘E’, to advertise their business to others. As one broker often said to his clients: “‘E’ got the official job thanks to me.According to media reports, “E” left a popular program in May to enlist in the military, but returned to the entertainment industry in September.health reasons.”

After the article was reported, South Korean netizens began tracking the release dates of various news articles to track the timeline of Ravi’s activities.

May 1, 2022-Ravi leaves “1 night and 2 days” ahead of enlistment.
September 5, 2022-Ravi will make a surprise comeback-“LOVE&HOLIDAY” will be released on the 12th.
October 27, 2022 – Ravi will enlist today (27th) as a public service worker.

Korean netizens have found that many articles published about Ravi’s activities are completely consistent with those of the celebrity “E”.

South Korean netizens said,Goodbye” “When Ravi left ‘2 Days & 1 Night’ I immediately googled this article and the date” “Why did he do that” “This is so crazy” “We I think we should wait ‘about the findings before jumping to conclusions’ When “He will be severely withdrawn from the entertainment world.”

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