Katy, Waller County visits highlight Make-A-Wish activities for two youngsters

Contribution report

The past few days of Make-A-Wish Texas Gulf Coast and Louisiana fulfilled the wishes of two students from Madison, Wisconsin who share the same nervous system disorder. included a visit to Katy and Waller County to taste some of the

14-year-old William and 12-year-old Madeline each chose an experience unique to Southeast Texas. William has always been fascinated by construction, heavy equipment and architecture, so he decided to visit Dig He World in Katy. He and his family made a private visit to Katy He Mills Mall’s Digworld on January 13. Normally closed on Fridays, Dig World opened for families and provided a special opportunity to explore the park.

On January 14-15, Madeline’s selection of activities included a VIP experience at the Houston Zoo, which highlighted private giraffe feedings, and also included the Houston Children’s Museum.

Finally, William enjoyed another construction experience on January 16th. He explored one of EE Reed’s active sites in Waller where he learned about different aspects of the industry.

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