Keep your brain young forever: Expert suggests food, activities to stay youthful

Brain health expert Mark Milstein writes about the diet for super-agers. Some people in their 80s and beyond have cognitive abilities that rival those of people decades younger. Superagers are an excellent example of how the brain matures in a way that is influenced by both genetics and lifestyle decisions.

Next, Milstein lists daily diet and activities to keep your brain young, focused and alert. In his article on CNBC, he says that the human brain is about 70% water, so staying hydrated helps it maintain optimal function. After he wakes up, he drinks a large glass of water instead of coffee. He takes his 10 minute walk outside before eating a high protein breakfast.

His breakfast includes unsweetened Greek yogurt, berries and nuts, leafy green smoothies, and scrambled egg tacos.

He asks about studying with children when they are in school. By exposing him to material outside his specialty, it benefits his brain function. He tackles the most challenging and creative things first thing in the morning when his mind is at its sharpest. He tries to take his two-minute stretch break every half hour.

Milstein says swim in the summer because it has been found to improve energy, memory and cognitive performance. I try to have lunch with , a friend, or my wife.

His lunch includes whole-wheat tortilla wraps with leafy greens, sandwiches on whole-wheat bread, and stir-fried lean meats and vegetables.

Milstein says his brain enjoys a variety of physical activities, so he often changes things up by playing a bit of basketball, tennis, pickleball, or going to the batting cage. I also like The part of the brain associated with stress can be calmed by being in nature.

His favorite dinner meals include fajitas with chicken or tofu, grilled chicken with sweet potatoes, and salmon with roasted root vegetables.

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