Kraken Update Progress on Subsea Laser Scanner Service Activities

January 17, 2023

Figure 1: 3D volumetric measurements of the anode. Image credit: Kraken Robotics

Figure 2: 3D model of the mooring chain connection. Image credit: Kraken Robotics

Figure 2: 3D model of the mooring chain connection. Image credit: Kraken Robotics

Kraken Robotics’ SeaVision 3D underwater laser scanning technology is primarily used to help offshore energy departments obtain high-quality subsea asset integrity information. Specific examples include providing measurements to help clients avoid unplanned production interruptions, and enabling reverse engineering of damaged subsea equipment for on-the-spot repairs. .

During several recent offshore deployments, Kraken’s SeaVision technology has shown that the completed 3D dimensions of installed subsea structures differ from existing documentation, especially when servicing aging assets. I was.

  • In 2022, Kraken will acquire over 10 terabytes of seafloor data for offshore oil and gas and renewable energy customers in several countries including Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Nigeria, Norway and Poland Did. Applications include offshore wind farm anode volume measurement, offshore oil and gas infrastructure mooring chain inspection, and subsea gauging services. In 2022, SeaVision services provided over 100 3D models and measurements to offshore wind and oil & gas clients.
  • Kraken continues to commercialize its unique non-contact SeaVision Mooring Chain Inspection Tool (MCIT). This tool can be used to support existing offshore oil and gas inspection requirements, as well as upcoming offshore wind inspection requirements, by providing millimeter-accurate 3D digital twins of critical subsea infrastructure. SeaVision MCIT is designed to reduce the cost of mooring chain inspections. Kraken has also developed extensive data analysis capabilities that efficiently process mooring chain data into corrosion and dimensional measurement requirements for mooring integrity analysis.
  • In 2023, Kraken’s SeaVision technology will be tested to DNV class and certified for performance according to ISO standards.
  • In 2022, Kraken has developed automated calibration, measurement and report generation tools as well as real-time workflows based on deep learning that enable automatic structural tracking and measurement of mooring chains. These tools have reduced model and measurement turnaround by a factor of 10.

Figure 3: 3D volumetric corrosion assessment (top) and ultra-high dynamic range model (bottom) of a mooring chain segment. Image credit: Kraken Robotics

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