LAIRD SUPERFOOD, INC. Costs Associated with Exit or Disposal Activities, Material Impairments (form 8-K/A)

Item 2.05 Costs associated with eviction or disposal activities.

upon December 9, 2022 The Company has entered into agreements for the early termination of three lease holdings. Sisters, Oregon Sale of operational equipment and personal property within such facilities.Company does not derive operational benefit from late-started lease December 2022to terminate the lease agreement. January 31, 2023As such, the Company expects to incur non-cash charges of up to ¥50 million related to the impairment of right-of-use assets and factory equipment. $5.3 million Q4 2022 and related net cash payments $700,000 It will be produced within the next 14 months. The amounts of anticipated impairments and net cash payments are estimates and the actual amount and timing of costs and payments may vary due to a variety of factors.

We expect to incur other charges related to further asset impairments and other related restructuring and exit costs.
$ 1,000,000 non-cash fees $2.2 millionThese are estimates and are still being evaluated.

Item 2.06 Serious Damage.

The information contained in item 2.05 above is incorporated by reference into this item 2.06.

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