Last week’s storm impacting some winter activities at area parks

EAU CLAIR, Wisconsin (WEAU) – With snow on the ground, many are outside enjoying their winter hobbies. While some of these activities have been made possible, last week’s snow has also caused some problems.

Building an outdoor rink for ice skating takes time. Last week’s weather forced the city of Eau Claire to restart the process on some rinks. It makes an impact when community members are allowed out on the ice.

Pinehurst Park in Eau Claire is lit up for winter sports enthusiasts.

Dawn Comte, City of Eau Claire Recreation Manager, said: “We are opening the hills for sledding, skiing and snowboarding, so many of them are available now.”

Conte said last week’s weather brought beauty to the park, but it also caused some damage.

“We are clearing the trail after heavy snow and ice knocked down many trees, but with the help of our crew and locals, it is now mostly cleared,” Conte said.

As for other parts of the park, such as the ice rink, cleaning will take longer, Conte said.

“You have to keep the ground covered with water, and let the water seep into the ground until it actually freezes, and let the water seep in until it actually freezes, and then you can start the stratification process from there,” Comte said. increase. “Our ice rink lost its base in the rain, so the crew is trying to start the ice rink all over again. They have to remove all the snow and rebuild the ice. is about to start the layering process.”

This process of creating a sheet of ice continues until it is thick enough to cover all the ground and grass. With more snow forecasted, the ice-making process is likely to come to a halt, and skating could be on the ice for a little longer.

“We were supposed to open the ice rink on December 26th, but there will be a slight delay until the snow clears and we can start relaying the ice again,” says Comte.

Despite this weather setback, Comte said Pinehurst Park still has a lot to do for families to get out and enjoy the new season.

On Monday, Pinehurst Park opened its seasonal warm shelter. If you’re looking to try a new activity like snowshoeing, use the park’s gear-sharing service. For those who want to skate, Conte recommends checking the park’s Facebook page for updates on the skating rink.

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