Local News: Sikeston Parks and Rec launches new activities in 2023 (1/20/23)

Over the next few weeks, Sikeston Parks and Recreation will offer a variety of programs aimed at providing fun, healthy entertainment for children and the community.

Abbi Lindsey, Recreation Coordinator for Sikeston Parks and Recreation, has created some exciting new programs for this year.

This year’s Kids in the Kitchen Cooking Lessons is a new program. The cooking class will run from 5:30pm to 7:00pm at the Clintonville in Sikeston for four weeks starting January 26th.

Kids in the Kitchen has already sold out, but Lindsay said she plans to make another one this summer.

Weekly cooking classes have a variety of themes, including how to make fruit pizza, soft pretzels, chocolate-covered strawberries, pizza dip, and mini pizzas. From age 5 she is supposed to participate with a parent until age 7, but from age 8 until she is 12 she can participate alone.

Four weeks of cooking classes cost $15 per class when purchased individually, or $50 for all four classes when purchased together. All the tools, equipment and food the children need will be provided.

Lindsey said she’s also always looking for someone to teach her classes.

Sikeston Parks and Recreation will also host its annual SPR Gala on Saturday, January 28th at the Clinton Building. Lindsey added that any combination of adults and children can participate.

“So far, they have done mother-son, father-daughter dances, but I thought a combination dance of adults and children would be more inclusive. No,” Lindsey said.

She continues:

The gala features a dance contest, prize activities, a photo booth, and food and drink. Lindsey said a photo booth and music service will be provided for the occasion.

Although the gala is formal, Lindsay said the dress code is loose and there are no hard and fast guidelines about what you should wear.

“Formal means formal to you and what makes you feel great,” said Lindsay.

Starting February 21st, the Smaller Ballers Intro to Football Program is a 6-week course of skill work designed to teach children ages 3-6 the fine motor skills needed to succeed in flag football. It’s a shop.

Smaller Ballers is a developmental induction program that prepares children for organized flag football in a fun, non-threatening environment.

According to Lindsey, the program is a six-week skills course designed to teach the fine motor skills that are essential to flag football success, and is designed to help young children who have never participated in a structured sports league or who have never participated in a structured sports league. Ideal for children.

There is practically no physical contact, each class is divided into four parts: running and agility, throwing, catching, kicking and punts, and each child is also provided with a t-shirt.

“There is absolutely no physical contact in the Small Bowlers program,” says Lindsay.

She continues:

Registration opens on January 11th and will be accepted until February 15th, or until all slots are filled. Lesson fee is $35. On Tuesdays he has two classes at 5:30pm and 6:15pm.

In February, MiNi Bakes will hold a Valentine cookie decorating class.

The program begins at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, February 9 at the Clinton Building. The cost is $30 per attendee, and each person is provided with 6 cookies for decoration and a variety of colors of icing.

For more information on the Sikeston Parks and Recreation program, please visit our Facebook page.

To sign up for classes, visit bookeo.com/sikestonandrec.

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