Looking for a reason to be outside in the ‘warmth’ this week? Here are some winter activities you can check out

With temperatures in the thirties, winter activities will be in high demand this week.

BURNSVILLE, Minnesota — If you’re looking for something fun to do outside during this warmer months, there are plenty of options.

Buckhill managers say the warm weather is a welcome change of pace after last week’s bitter cold.

“Last week’s cold front was a bit like Debbie Downer,” said Chief Operating Officer Nate Burr.

Last week’s cooler temperatures gave snowmakers the perfect conditions to build deep snow bases, but they weren’t ideal for skiers and snowboarders.

“People find it more fun to be outside when it’s warm like this,” Barr said.

The warm-up was timed perfectly.

Holiday breaks are usually the busiest time of the year.

St. Paul also had a great time at the Glow Holiday Festival at CHS Field on Tuesday.

“People are still in the holiday spirit,” said managing partner Adam Wendle.

They also had a difficult week last week.

“We were closed for a few days due to extreme cold,” says Wendle.

After a week like that, looking at temperatures in the 30s, it might look like a heat wave.

“Our crew won’t have to fight the wind chill of -30 degrees this week,” laughs Wendle.

This will be good for them when they have to remove millions of lights next week, and good for guests looking for a reason to get outside.

Managers at New Brighton’s Ice Castle are also preparing for crowds this week.

Several ice rinks and sleigh slides are also opening this week, and the Festival of Trees is also running through January 4th at the Mall of America.

On New Year’s Day, the Children’s Museum of Minnesota is offering free tickets for children, but tickets must be purchased by Friday, December 29, according to the website.

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