Looking to get creative? Mayer Museum in San Angelo offers ‘National Draw-a-Dinosaur Day’ activities to the public

From now until January 28th, follow the instructions to connect the dots or create your own dinosaur illustration.

San Angelo, Texas — “National Draw a Dinosaur Day” is one of many lesser-known and unique holidays.

For the first time, the Mayer Museum of San Angelo is celebrating the holidays with free activities for all ages from now until January 28th at 5pm.

“National Draw a Dinosaur Day is really a National Day, like National Donut Day and all sorts of little holidays that happen throughout the year,” said Mayer Museum curator Rocio Monsibeith said.

Monsibe came up with the idea to celebrate by providing visitors with paper, pencils, crayons, and other handicraft supplies.

“I thought it really matched what we had to offer here at the museum,” she said.

The real holiday is January 30th, but the museum is closed on that day, so we decided to offer the activity the day before.

This also ensures schedule flexibility, and so far it has been attended by local families, visitors, and even Angelo State University students.

“We actually had two [ASU] Classes have come to participate,” Monsibe said.

“One of them was a teaching class and the other was a drawing class,” she added.

Visitors can draw by connecting the dots by following the tutorial page or creating their own vision on plain paper.

The start of the year is usually quite late for museums, but this event increased the traffic.

Most visitors find out about the celebration through social media, and photos of the creations will be posted online on January 30th.

After this year’s success, Monsibe hopes to turn what she wants into an annual tradition.

For information and photos from the event, visit facebook.com/MayerMuseum.

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