Lytle adds new notifications to alerting system due to increased bailout activity

Lytle, Texas – The City of Lytle has added new notifications to its public push alert system after seeing an increase in people smuggling, fast tracking and immigration relief.

“Insane, they’re plowing the middle of town. It’s like driving to the grocery store and praying to Jesus to get you home. It’s in the Lytle neighborhood.

The speed of pursuit is just one of the concerns for people living in this region. Another is not knowing who might be on your property.

“We have land and it should be safe. It’s fenced in, but people are trespassing and it’s really scary,” Lytle resident Selina Curry said.

Lytle Police Chief Richard Priest said there is usually no problem with local crime by bailed immigrants.

Last year, they went from one or two reliefs a month to one or two a day, Priest said. Increased activity has prompted the city to add remedies to the city’s emergency push alert system.

β€œIt will notify you when the water pressure is low, it will notify you when there is a chance of severe weather, it will notify you when you are working on the road, and it should notify you in this scenario as well.”

A relief alert was sent Friday morning. He called on residents to beware of 10-12 migrants running on foot.

The location is listed as “Best Western Area”. Notifications include landmarks if the intersection is a precise enough location.

Follow the link to sign up for the City of Lytle Emergency Alert.

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