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An idea between two teachers from two different schools started a partnership that brings joy and educational opportunities to children every year, and the idea is growing.

On Wednesday, December 13th, four rooms at Madison Southern High School hosted a variety of holiday games, crafts, and other activities. Many high school students were teaching games and activities for kindergarteners at Kingston Elementary School, saying ‘elves’ and ‘how the Grinch stole Christmas’.

The program has been running for the past five years, so the Wednesday scene is familiar to students at both schools. This year, kindergarteners from Shannon Johnson Elementary School also participated. This is the first expansion since the program’s inception.

“One of the kindergarten teachers here, Kerry Haynes, approached me about five years ago and asked if she wanted to start working with students in her kindergarten class and early childhood education pathway. “It just blossomed from there,” an early childhood development teacher at Madison Southern explained in a previous interview with The Register.

According to Alexander, the collaboration is a group effort of 60 high school students to help bring it all together. The effort was clearly visible everywhere.

The library features “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” reading material, a Grinch-themed cookie decorating station, and several Whoville figures circling cookies.

One classroom even has a snow and ice-themed game featuring characters from Frozen, while another is built like a Santa Claus workshop, with elves guiding kindergarteners. I got

While the festive atmosphere may not look like a typical learning environment, Alexander says it can be an important opportunity for Educational Development Pathway students to learn more about the planned areas. said.

“To work with children, to manage their behavior, to come up with activities, experiments and games that help them develop in all areas: physical, intellectual, emotional and social, as you know. Target – it is very important to develop all these areas,” Alexander said. “Most of our learning is from 0 to 3. We’re in kindergarten, so we’re really working on all kinds of areas of development.”

Sophomore Kelsey Abrams agrees.

On Wednesday, Abrams dressed up as Mrs. Claus and led kindergarten students through a room filled with games like reindeer-inspired ring toss. She said this opportunity to interact with her kindergarteners was important to her as a student in her early childhood education pathway.

“I’ve been playing with these little kids and making sure they’re very good for Santa Claus,” Abrams said. You can actually touch it and see what they are really like.I love this.If you really want to go into this field this is a really good opportunity.a place with a lot of mental stimulation It gives me the opportunity to see how the children in the

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