Malaysia landslide: Campsite operator did not have licence for camping activities, says minister

Malaysia’s Ministry of Local Government Development said 61 out of a total of 94 people caught in the landslides were found safe.

A total of 51 adults and 30 children have applied for accommodation, according to a representative of a business that wants to identify itself with Chan.

Nga said all high-risk campgrounds across the country have been ordered to close for seven days starting Friday.Local authorities have been notified.

“All potentially dangerous campsites along rivers, waterfalls and even hillsides will be evacuated immediately for seven days. This situation will continue until further instructions are issued later by the government.” he added.

“We will continue to monitor site conditions and weather conditions.

Father’s Organic Farm, located about 4 km from Genting Highlands Resort, describes itself as a children’s attraction that promotes the cultivation of organic fruits and vegetables.

The company also offers camping sites and packages to “get everyone closer to nature,” according to the company’s official Facebook page.

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