Manufacturing Activities Of Firm Behind Cough Syrup Linked To Deaths Of Uzbek Children Stopped: Mansukh Mandaviya

Union Health Minister Mansuf Mandabiya said on Friday that all manufacturing operations of Noida-based health care company Marion Biotech will be suspended from Thursday night in light of reports of contamination of cough syrup Dok-1 Max. said to have been suspended. Her 18 children in Uzbekistan. The company’s manufacturing activities were halted at the Noida unit after an inspection by the Central Pharmaceuticals and Standards Control Organization (CDSCO).

The health minister also said further investigations into the incident are ongoing.

Uzbekistan’s Ministry of Health said in a statement that 18 children in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, had died from side effects as a result of consuming Dok-1 Max cough syrup manufactured by Marion Biotech. This is not the first time cough syrups made in India have killed or harmed children in other countries. As many as 82 children have been reported to have suffered acute kidney injury after consuming contaminated cough syrup manufactured by

On Thursday 29 December, India’s Ministry of Health announced that CDSCO is in regular contact with drug regulators in Uzbekistan and that Uttar Pradesh Narcotics Enforcement Officers and the CDSCO team will conduct joint inspections at Marion Biotech’s Noida manufacturing division. said to have implemented.

Samples were collected and sent to the Regional Drug Testing Laboratory (RDTL) in Chandigarh.

The CDSCO team conducted a 10-hour inspection on Thursday at Marion Biotech’s Noida unit.

Marion Biotech does not sell Dok-1 Max in India and only exports cough syrup to Uzbekistan, a Uttar Pradesh government official said, news agency PTI reported.

CDSCO has been in regular contact with Uzbekistan’s drug regulators on the issue since December 27, Mandaviya said.

According to Uzbekistan’s Ministry of Health, testing of cough syrups has detected a chemical called ethylene glycol. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, ethylene glycol first affects the central nervous system and then the heart and kidneys. In some cases, the compound can even lead to death for those who consume it.

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