Maybank offers paid leave option for staff to pursue volunteerism activities

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KUALA LUMPUR (December 21): Malayan Banking Bhd (Maybank) has begun offering employees the option of one month of paid leave each year to pursue long-term sustainability and volunteerism initiatives. I was.

In a statement on Wednesday (December 21), Malaysia’s largest asset bank said it will encourage employee engagement in sustainability-driven activities and foster a sustainability mindset among its employees. said it was part of an effort to

The Group’s Chief Human Capital Officer, Datuk Nora Abd Manaf, said that in order to further encourage and empower Maybank’s employees, the policy will allow employees to choose their own location, preferences and time. He said that he could do volunteer work for

She said there is also a 1+1 option, with relevant internal approval, and an additional month of leave can be applied.

Maybank is committed to achieving 1 million hours per year on sustainability and achieving 1,000 key achievements related to the Sustainable Development Goals by 2025.

As of September 30, 2022, our employees have exceeded their annual targets, with approximately 1.09 million hours devoted to sustainability, with 56% of total hours directly contributing to the Group’s long-term sustainability efforts. spent on contributing activities.

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