As much as I love geek culture, I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with the apparel that accompanies it. It’s always over the top and screams “look at me! Look at this nerdy shit I’m into!”  It’s always a big ass Goku on a Gildan T-shirt. It’s just something I’ve never liked and always wanted to change.  So change I have.  The pieces you’ll see on the site were created with one goal – to be something that you would actually want to wear outside. Something that people could wear and feel like they are a part of something. A small club of folks in the know.

The Pre-Order System

So here’s how the merchandise game is going to work. I’ll post a design on the blog, along with a story about how it came to be.  I’ll post some pictures of the samples and put up a page where you can pre-order the shirt or sweatshirt.  I’ll hold pre-orders for a certain amount of time and after that I’ll fullfill the orders. If you miss the window, you miss the window.  Like a secret character in a video game these things will be a limited time type of deal.  Unless I just get flooded with requests to keep something up.

Price and Quality

I’ll never forget my experience at the Yeezy pop-up in Lenox mall.  I hustled my way in there, expecting to see some of the season’s latest pieces.  It was nothing but shirts you would buy at Walmart for gym class with some simple prints on them. I was hurt, but just drove home a point. When I drop something I want to make sure that it’s something of quality and not something someone would buy, be pissed about and toss in the closet.  So I’ll make you this promise.  When something goes up for pre-order I’ll make sure intersection of quality and price are as perfect as I can make them.