Mergui-Tavoy District Situation Update: SAC military activities and travel restrictions, livelihood challenges, education, an armed clash, displacement and indiscriminate shelling by the SAC, April to May 2022 – Myanmar


This Situation Update describes the events that took place in the townships of Tunausri (Tanintharyi), Ksel Daw and Lel Mu Lah in Mergui Tavoi District during the period April-May 2022. Patrolling the area, patrolling the area, and firing mortar shells at the village indiscriminately, the villagers were forced to evacuate. Villagers in the Pa Wa area of ​​T’Naw Th’Ree township have also faced movement restrictions since the military coup as SAC soldiers stopped moving to investigate. Village leaders appointed by the SAC told the parents of the students not to send their children to Karen Education and Culture Department (KECD) schools, only to schools run by the SAC. On May 25, 2022, SAC soldiers fired at least 100 mortar rounds into P’Na Mee Village, P’Law District, Ler Muh Lah Township, killing villagers from P’Na Mee Village. kicked out. SAC soldiers also fired about 10 mortar rounds indiscriminately after fighting broke out between the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) and the People’s Defense Forces (PDF) coalition, destroying a monastery, Injured a monk and killed a villager. Between Kyaw Meh Taw village and Plaw Ner Moo village, K’Ser Doh district, May 10, 2022.[1]

State Executive Council (SAC)[2] military activity

by SAC [battalion number unknown] Troop rotation and patrol in the area, B— village, Pa Wa area, T’Naw Th’Ree (Tanintharyi) township villagers fear, C— village, Lay Nya Bok Pyin area, T’ Evacuated to Naw. Three Townships.Some villagers saw SAC soldiers when they moved there [who were travelling along the road] I had to hide in the bushes on the side of the road. SAC soldiers usually ask a lot of questions when they encounter villagers, so villagers hide when they see SAC soldiers. SAC soldiers frequently beat villagers they encounter if they do not answer their questions.

At approximately 11:30 am on April 23, 2022, SAC soldiers [from an unknown battalion] Fired mortar shells indiscriminately into the village, injuring 5 villagers of C— village. The name of the injured villager is unknown, and other villagers do not know where they received treatment. Villagers could also hear gunshots in the distance due to fighting between armed groups. As a result of the shelling, the villagers had to evacuate and hide in the forest. Villagers are still evacuating and moving from the forest to other villages. Some are staying with relatives in other villages.

travel restrictions

Travel restrictions tightened [Pa Wa} area since the military coup. Villagers have been facing travel restrictions because SAC soldiers are stationed beside the road and are asking a lot of questions [to local villagers who are travelling]Recently, SAC soldiers have been firing indiscriminately. As a result, the SAC closed the main road through the Pawa district to vehicles. However, there was no official announcement that the road was closed. As a result, when villagers fell ill, it was very difficult for them to travel to seek treatment. [The nearest clinic is two hours away by motorbike during the dry season. It takes even longer during the wet season.] It is also difficult for some villagers who do not have COVID-19 vaccination certificates. Their movement is not allowed because his SAC forces stationed at the checkpoint prohibit their movement.

Food shortage

due to travel restrictions [and resulting livelihood challenges], the villagers are facing food shortages. Since April 5, 2022, the SAC has increased checkpoints and SAC soldiers are disrupting food supplies to villagers. Some villagers, especially day laborer families, have already run out of food. [as of May 2022], And there are also people who can only eat porridge in their diet. Villagers do not receive aid, so they share what they have with each other.


In the B— area of ​​T’Naw Th’Ree Township, some children wanted to go and study in the Karen Education and Culture Department (KECD) school. [as a new term was starting]but SAC soldiers threatened [told village leaders who were appointed by the SAC to threaten] By telling parents that their children might join rebel groups if they attend KECD schools. As a result, some parents did not allow their children to go and study at her KECD school. Some village leaders also told their students not to study at her KECD school, but only at schools run by the SAC. However, some children stay in SAC-run schools, while others choose to attend and study in KECD schools.


After receiving news of SAC soldiers from the Infantry Battalion (IB)[3] #433 [based in Kyauck Me Taung village] 10 May 2022, Karen National Defense Organization (KNDO)[4] 2nd Company and People’s Defense Forces (PDF)[5] The fighters prepared to carry out an ambush that day. (It takes about 45 minutes on foot to travel between the two villages.) SAC said he arrived at Plaw Ner Moo village on the morning of May 10, 2022 and left the village in the afternoon. . On May 10, 2022, he was attacked by KNDO and PDF coalition forces between Kyauk Me Taung and Plaw Ner Moo villages while SAC soldiers were returning from Plaw Ner Moo village to Kyauk Me Taung village. rice field. [They were attacked just outside of Plaw Ner Moo village.] The battle began at 3:40 pm and ended around 5:00 pm.Soldiers of the SAC when the fighting ceases [unknown battalion number] Currently based at Chaume Town Police Station.[6] Fire about 10 mortars indiscriminately at K’Ser Ther Pler village [Taung Thon Lon village], destroyed monasteries, wounded monks, and killed villagers. The injured monk was initially treated at He Hsa Doh Wah Clinic in K’Moh Thway area. [Ler Doh Soh Township]He injured his hip and was later sent to a Yangon hospital. Since then, the villagers have heard nothing.

While the SAC soldiers were in Plaw Ner Moo village, the villagers were afraid to leave their homes.when the battle happened after them [SAC soldiers] left [the village], the villagers of Plaw Ner Moo were afraid and fled the village. Some of the villagers fled to the plantations, some fled to the forest, some fled to the forest. [nearby] E— Village, Paw Hkloh Area, K’Ser Doh Township.

Fighting outside Plaw Ner Moo village caused E— villagers to hear that SAC soldiers were coming, [women and children] left their village. E— The village is located about 1 mile from Plaw Ner Moo village. The SAC forces did not pass through this village, but the villagers were worried that his SAC soldiers would go to their village. [after the fighting near Plaw Ner Moo]Only men remained in the village.some of the villagers fell asleep on the plantation [outside of the village] and some stayed in forest hideouts. He fled to the village on May 12, 2022. E—The villagers have returned, but the villagers of Plaw Ner Moo village still do not dare to return to the village. Some villagers who were forced to evacuate went to F—village, K’Ser Doh township, and her G—village in Ler Doh Soh township. Some of the men returned to their villages to check on their livestock, only to return during the day and leave later in the day. They didn’t sleep there.

SAC indiscriminate bombardment

SAC Soldiers at LIB #285 May 25, 2022 [indiscriminately] They fired mortars into P’Na Mee village, P’Law district and Ler Muh Lah township throughout the day. They started firing at about 9:00 am or he at 10:00 and did not stop until 8:00 pm. They fired at least 100 mortar rounds. There were no injuries or damage from artillery fire.

SAC mortar shelling prompted village leaders to send P’Na Mee villagers, especially the elderly, women and children, to a safer location.Villagers could not take food with them when leaving the village [as they had to leave in a hurry]The village leader had to arrange transportation to send food later. Some villagers have returned to their villages, but the elderly and children continue to take refuge in his H—village in P’Law area of ​​Ler Muh Lah township. According to local authorities, villagers in the area are now living in fear and worry that the situation in their area will worsen in the future.

Background material on the human rights and security situation in the Mergui-Tavoy district of southeastern Burma is provided in the KHRG report below.

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[1] The current document is based on information available as of May 2022. This document was provided by a community member from Mergitavoi district, where he was trained by the KHRG to monitor the human rights situation on the ground. The victim’s name, photo and exact location have been censored for security reasons. The part in square brackets is the explanation added by KHRG.

[2] The State Executive Council (SAC) is an executive governing body created in the aftermath of the February 1, 2021 military coup. Founded by Senior General Min Aung Hlaing on February 2, 2021, it consists of eight officers and his eight civilians. The Chairman serves as the de facto head of the Burmese/Myanmar government and heads the Myanmar Military Cabinet, the executive branch of the government. After the coup, Min Aung Hlaing took over his SAC chairman role.

[3] An infantry battalion (IB) consists of 500 soldiers. However, most of the infantry battalions in the national army are understrength, with less than his 200 men. But it’s hard to get an update on battalion size, especially after his NCA signing. It is mainly used for defensive missions, but can also be used for offensive operations.

[4] The Karen National Defense Organization (KNDO) was formed in 1947 by the Karen National Alliance and is the predecessor of the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA). Today, the KNDO refers to a militia force of local volunteers trained and equipped by the KNLA and incorporated into its battalions and command structures. Its members wear uniforms and usually he promises a two-year term of service.

[5] The People’s Defense Force (PDF) is an independently established armed resistance as a local private militia operating across the country. After the February 1, 2021 military coup and continued brutal violence by the junta, most of these groups are the National Unity Government (NUG), an organization that claims to be the legitimate government of Burma/Myanmar. started working with Converted to PDF on May 5, 2021 as the predecessor of the Federal Army.

[6] Since the 2021 coup, the SAC has stationed soldiers in police stations.

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