Mike Pence Hopes Trump Isn’t Indicted For Jan. 6 Activities

Former Vice President Mike Pence doesn’t think Donald Trump should be indicted for his Jan. 6 activities, apparently basing his reasoning on bad Christmas movie scripts rather than actual legal theory. is.

The House committee investigating the riots is making its final public presentation Monday on Trump’s unprecedented effort to overturn the 2020 presidential election.

But Pence told Fox News on Monday that he hopes the Justice Department will not prosecute his former boss.

“Congress has no formal role in the Justice Department’s decisions, so it can make recommendations today,” Pence said. “However, regarding the Justice Department’s decision to file charges in the future, we hope that no charges will be filed against the former president.”

Pence then suggested that Trump’s only “crime” was choosing a bad lawyer.

“The president’s actions and words on January 6th were reckless, but I don’t know it’s a crime to get bad advice from a lawyer,” Pence said.

Pence then tried to suggest that the Justice Department shouldn’t be the Grinch by following the nasty rule of law when it’s Christmas after all, before deciding to indict Trump.

“At a time when Americans want our treatment, I think it’s going to divide the country deeply,” Pence said. And I hope the Department of Justice will think very carefully before proceeding.”

You can see the exchange below.

Many Twitter users were unimpressed by Pence’s comments, including two former Republican congressmen.

Other Twitter users weren’t impressed either.

Pence has spent a lot of time appealing to Trump’s MAGA base while trying to establish himself as a viable Republican candidate.

In the process, he went to extremes, demanding an apology from Trump for hosting white supremacist organizer Nick Fuentes at Mar-a-Lago, and whether he still considers the former president a “good guy.” I avoided a straight answer after being asked. He admits voters have better options than re-electing his former boss.

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