Milford board learns about MHS activities

Milford High School Principal Seth Buford has provided the school board with an update on activities at the school.

At a recent Milford School District School Board meeting, Milford High School principal Seth Buford, accompanied by deputy principals Betsy Coe, Rene Diaz, and Shelbaun Hinton, asked why a high school is more than just a school. I explained how I became a community. Buford provided details on progress at school and future planned events to give students a real-world high school experience.

“I appreciate this opportunity to share some of the amazing things that are happening here in Milford,” Buford said. I’m happy to say that I’m enjoying the social aspect again.”

Buford went on to say that while the fall event is now a thing of the past, the memories will live on for the students and community members who attended. games, Spirit Week, and more. We held a door decoration contest this year as well.

“Our Fall Sports Peppers recognized our Homecoming Court. And of course, Spirit Week concluded with a parade, Homecoming football game, and Homecoming dance. This included: Nearly 650 students attended, our largest attendance ever,” Buford said. I met with seniors throughout the month to discuss App accounts, scholarships, and college applications, and coordinated with Stand By Me for additional support and outreach.”

Buford said the MHS fall players had a great season. Milford was named at the Henlopen Academic All-his conference with 52 of his students. It represents each of the school’s fall sports, and several students have been selected to all state teams thanks to the dedication of their athletes and coaches.

“Winter sports are just getting started and we kicked off the basketball season with a great community event. I did,” Buford said. “We also recently held a track meet for our first winter track event. are just a few of the reasons why we are unique to and highlight some of the special experiences we can offer our students.

Sports aren’t the only areas Milford High School students can excel in, Buford explains. The academic opportunities offered enable students to graduate from Milford High School with marketable skills and career opportunities.

“We have 16 pathways covering six areas from agriscience to STEM and technology. Our career and technical education courses provide students with the opportunity to gain real-world experience through hands-on application. And each school has associated national student organizations such as FFA, HOSA, Student Health Organization, Business Professionals of America, and Educators Rising,” said Buford. “These organizations offer students the opportunity to participate in local, state, regional and national competitions. Many of the students who attend these events compete at the national level. Employable A silver medalist in sexual skills, a national bronze medalist in prepared public speaking, and at the beginning of the school year, we had.”

One MHS student recently won a Mountaire Farm-to-Table Scholarship. Tabitha Lenhart was the first student to receive a scholarship from the state of Delaware. Buford explained that about 480 students at MHS have become honor students during the first grading period.

“Because of our relationships and connections with local small businesses and local industries, seniors who complete the pathway or are in the third level of the pathway can earn Work Based Learning credits. , are placed in paid and unpaid internships to provide hands-on experience in the theoretical application of what is learned in class,” said Buford. Representative students participate in internships at local physical therapy centers, community day care centers, local farms, and local churches offering social media and digital design communication. We also offer rigorous, high-level academic courses for our students.”

Buford explained that through partnerships with Delaware State University and Delaware Technical and Community College, there are more than 16 options for college jobs. Students at Milford High School graduate from high school with enough credits for their sophomore year, Buford said. Our latest partnership with Delaware Technical and Community College has allowed MHS to expand Allied Health’s pathway to include patient care. Students enrolled in the Patient Care Program graduate from high school as certified nursing assistants and can enter employment or enroll directly into nursing school. The school, under the supervision of Dr. Amory, has worked closely with his Office of Curriculum to introduce the University of Delaware as a partner with dual-credit opportunities, and we look forward to expanding the dual-enrolment experience. increase.

“It’s not just our academics and partnerships that set us apart. Milford High School is an integral part of our community, and our community is an integral part of our high school. students spend thousands of hours volunteering at community events throughout the year,” Buford said. “Our Interact club received an award from Downtown Milford for our support at this year’s Freedom Festival. Celebrating its 100th anniversary, the National Honor Society has disseminated over 100 acts of kindness to various organizations throughout the town of Milford.”

In addition to the out-of-school activities, student groups turned the halls into a safe, threat-free environment during Haunted Hallways, which saw nearly 1700 people walk through and trick-or-treat this year. Santa’s Workshop gives Morris Kindergarten students and nursery school students books and presents to take home. It also offers the magical experience of visiting the North Pole, an event held annually in mid-December.

“I am pleased that we are growing as a school and as a school district. We are providing more services to our students to meet their needs. We have a new school counselor focused on staff development and placement on internships We have students who are committed to supporting students and providing opportunities for credit restoration Pathway Opportunities We are expanding and offering more career and technical education,” said Buford.

Buford ended his presentation by noting that Milford High School is more than just a high school, it is a community, one that is proud of its students and their achievements. He thanked the vice-principal who stood with him and explained that without their efforts, half of the school’s success would not have been seen.

“I have an additional comment about all the amazing things you said about the fact that my favorite thing I’ve heard is post-pandemic and I don’t think that’s the case anymore.” School Board President Jason Miller said, “We’re over it now. And that report proved that just leave it in the rear-view mirror. Thank you.” We look forward to more amazing things to come from Milford High School.”

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