Ministry of Interior wraps up “Unified Gulf Inmates Week” activities

DOHA: The Ministry of Interior concluded on Sunday the four-day ‘United Gulf Inmates Week’. The week included a number of activities involving several aid groups in Qatar.

Within the framework of these events, the Department of Penal and Correctional Institutions (PCID) will organize exhibitions within the facility, with the participation of several relevant ministries, agencies and agencies, ranging from artistic paintings to wooden crafts and We focused on a variety of works done by inmates, ranging from antiques. A Qatari entity in addition to many departments of the Ministry.

Events include lectures on how to find and deal with people with special needs, other programs primarily focused on drugs and their devastating effects, and a panel discussion on the importance of aftercare. , cultural, recreational and sports programs were also included. It organizes numerous sporting activities, individual and group games, as well as dedicates a family day to visits and distribution of gifts and toys to the sons and daughters of male and female inmates.

On this occasion, Brigadier General Mohamed Abdullah Al-Ahmad, Brigadier General for PCID Inmate Affairs, said that Gulf Inmates Week intends to highlight the function the department does to rehabilitate inmates and raise their awareness. He emphasized that the role of prison institutions does not end there. and integration into the business market to support them in becoming socially good and productive individuals.

He commended the efforts made by the Home Office, represented by penal institutions and correctional institutions, and thanked PCID for empowering inmates to qualify them for effective roles in the community. He added that there were

Captain Bakhit Abdullah Al Baridi, head of PCID’s Care and Reform Section, said that during Gulf Inmate Week, PCID is keen to highlight the work done by inmates in the process of rehabilitation and correction within the institution. said it was. Various programs to create good competition among inmates and to honor good inmates.

Mubarak Al-Dosari, Director General of the Youth Center of the Ministry of Sport and Youth, stressed that the Ministry of Sport and Youth is keen to participate in the Gulf Inmates Week, and the ministry’s efforts represented by the organization of training courses. Roles enhance the moral dimension of inmates, improve future careers, and return to a more moral life.

For her part, Muna Fadel Al-Sulaiti, executive director of volunteer and community development for the Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS), said the QRCS has long-standing strategic partnerships with prisons and correctional institutions. , joint cooperation benefited inmates who were trained to become a source of livelihood to help support their families after discharge.

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