Ministry requires regular operation of cultural and tourist activities

People visit Yuyuan Garden in Shanghai on January 7, 2023. [Photo/VCG]

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism has requested local governments to ensure the regular operation of cultural and tourism activities and the movement of travelers under optimized COVID-19 control.

In new guidelines released Wednesday, the ministry said the government’s work focus has shifted from eliminating infections to protecting health and preventing serious infections following the downgrade of COVID-19 management earlier this month. rice field.

Local governments must plan for epidemic containment according to new state-level policies, but can take temporary control measures in case of severe outbreaks. Local governments should help operators of tourism and cultural venues take regular epidemic prevention measures, such as wearing masks and conducting regular disinfection, to reduce the risk of infection.

It also said that epidemic prevention awareness should be spread through online platforms such as websites, WeChat accounts and apps, and the public should be explained about the changes.

Tourism and culture operators stressed that employees must comply with epidemic prevention rules, practice hand washing and wearing masks, and carry out appropriate training.

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