More arrests made for drug-related activities in the past week

More arrests have been made in the past week for people allegedly involved in drug-related activities. This is because a departmental task force arrested five of his men in Labasa after a drug raid.

Two men, aged 28 and 40, were arrested after they were found with dry leaves and what they believed to be marijuana at the Labasa market, police said.

According to them, two men, aged 23 and 32, were arrested at a Labasa bus stand after being found carrying dried leaves believed to be marijuana.

Police also said a 24-year-old farmer was arrested at the Nakorovatu Settlement after a plant believed to be marijuana was found.

Chief Operating Officer and Acting Deputy Police Commissioner Levi Duriu said similar arrests were being made in other departments as more information emerged about those involved in the illegal drug trade.

According to A/ACP Driu, police special response unit officers were also deployed in large numbers to the eastern district last night and arrests were also made.

Fiji Police continue to inform the public and encourage them to work together to curb the illegal trade.

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