Mysore Bishop Kannikadass William accused of sexual misconduct, criminal activities, also accused of fathering a child

On Saturday, 7 January, Bishop Kanikadas William of Mysore was asked to take leave, and Bernard Morath, Archbishop Emeritus of Bangalore, was appointed Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese of Mysore instead. This was after allegations of corruption, sexual assault and kidnapping were made against Bishop William of Canicadas in 2019.

A letter from Archbishop Felix Machado, Secretary General of the Catholic Bishops Conference of India (CBCI) states: , Archbishop Emeritus of Bangalore, Apostolic Administrator sede plena et ad nutum, and Sanctae Sedis of Mysore Diocese were responsible for the regular administration and pastoral care of their local churches. The Evangelized Diocese has decided to remove its diocesan bishop, the Reverend Canicadas A. William, from the ministry. This appointment will be effective from 6:00 pm on January 7, 2023. ”

Mr Rafael, secretary of Kannada Kristala Sangha (KCS) said, “It is regrettable that the glory, prestige, prestige and spirituality of the Diocese of Mysore have been marred by the last two bishops in recent years.” rice field.

Raphael added that after Kannikadas William was appointed bishop in 2017, he “not only covered up illegal activities, but spent public money on luxuries.”

The KCS secretary also alleged that parish funds were improperly managed and misused by several groups of priests.

It is worth noting that on November 5, 2019, a complaint was lodged against Bishop Canicadas by Mr. Robert Rosario, representing a civic group called the Catholic Association of Concern (AOCC). The complaint was filed after a video surfaced of a woman working in the parish who claimed she had been harassed by Bishop Leslie Morath, and when she tried to complain about the incident, Canicadas Bishop William Antony called her in July. 2018.

The victim at the time did not file a complaint with Bishop Canicadas William, so the AOCC group filed a complaint. The complaint came after his 37 priests from various parishes in the Diocese of Mysore sent letters to the Vatican asking for his removal.

Bishop Canicadas William was accused of procreation and corruption. Thirty-seven priests claimed the bishop had strong ties to corrupt police officers, bureaucrats and politicians with criminal records. They also claimed that the bishop had ties to the “underworld”.

“The Dark Ages of our Diocese began when the current Bishop (Kannikadass A William) was brought in,” the priests told Francis. We regret that a materialist, worldly, infamous, despised and dictator has become Bishop of Mystle,” the priests wrote to the Vatican.

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