NCT’s Haechan to halt all activities due to health issues: 5 things to know about NCT 127’s tour

NCT Haechan’s health problems

Recently, a member named Haechan of K-pop boy band NCT DREAM, who was promoted to NCT DREAM following the release of the new remake song “Candy,” has taken a sabbatical from his activities due to health issues. In a notice issued by SM Entertainment on January 6, NCT’s agency said that Haechan will not be able to attend the scheduled tour events due to his poor health.

Not long ago, Haechan encountered unusual symptoms such as chest tightness, heart palpitations, etc. His manager took him to the emergency department, where he was consulted and tested and, if necessary, He has been diagnosed as needing treatment and rest. Haechan has been told he will not be attending the planned event and will be attending NCT 127’s ‘Neo City: The Link’ concert tour in the United States starting January 9th and continuing through January 28th. and will not attend Latin American Legs. Rehabilitation is paramount and he only wants a speedy recovery through rest and has decided to withdraw from all scheduled events starting this week.

As soon as his return is confirmed, the agency promises to inform his followers of the same. The agency promises to do whatever it takes, work hard, and support Haechan so that he can meet his fans in a healthier state.

What are your tour dates?

The band NCT will begin a world tour in October 2022 following the release of their fourth studio album 2 Baddies. NCT 127 has performed in many places such as LA, Jakarta, Bangkok, and South Korea. Following this frenzy, NCT 127 decided to rave US fans once again. NCT 127 has revealed nine additional dates for his Neo City: The Link Grove tour scheduled for December 8, 2022. A K.Pop boy band in 7 locations including Chicago and Houston, São Paulo in the US and Santiago in Latin America. The K-pop superstar will perform on January 9th, 2023 to his January 28th date change.

What is the exact city line-up?

According to the poster, three more gigs are scheduled for January 9th in Chicago, January 11th in Houston and January 13th in Atlanta. The band will start in Sao Paulo, Brazil from January 18th to 20th, then in Santiago, Chile on January 22nd, in Bogota, Colombia on January 25th, and in Mexico on January 28th. is his NCT’s biggest tour in America, and the band’s followers are eagerly anticipating his performances great live.

Haechan absent from NCT 127’s tour in Latin America and America

Haechan has been informed that he will not be attending the upcoming NCT 127 US and Latin America tour dates due to apparent health issues. Jaehyun has had the same problem before, and Mark Lee also spoke about his fatigue during the group’s comeback.

who will attend?

Due to Haechan’s absence due to illness, NCT 127 will participate in this tour with a reduced number of members. Yuta Nakamoto, Jaeyoon, Taeyeon, Jungwoo, Mark Lee, WINWIN, Doyoung, Johnny, and Taeil will participate in the performances in the United States and Latin America as planned. This is his one of the most beloved sub-units of SM entertainment group NCT, and tickets usually sell out quickly. Hopefully, the fans will finally be able to meet at least 8 members at the end of the month, excluding Haechan. I’m here.

Now that the tour has started, we can’t help but be even more excited that the band NCT 127 will be making a comeback and releasing their repackaged album Ay-Yo later this month.

With that said, Haechan is currently taking care of himself and we hope he gets well soon. he wishes him a speedy recovery.

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