NCT’s Haechan To Resume Activities Starting With NCT 127’s Comeback

NCT Haechan will participate in NCT 127’s comeback activities.

Earlier this month, Haechan temporarily suspended activities due to health reasons, and as a result, was unable to participate in NCT 127’s latest tour in the US and Latin America.

However, on January 27, SM Entertainment announced that Haechan’s condition had improved significantly during his rest period, and that he would resume all activities, starting with NCT 127’s comeback, due to his “strong desire” to return to activities.

NCT 127 is currently scheduled to make a comeback with ‘Ay-Yo’, a repackaged version of their fourth studio album ‘2 Baddies’, on January 30.

The full text of SM Entertainment is as follows.

We would like to inform you about NCT Haechan’s return to activities.

Haechan, who temporarily suspended his planned activities for health recovery and sufficient rest, resumed all activities starting with the comeback of NCT 127, the repackaged version of his fourth studio album, on January 30. I plan to.

During the rest period, Haechan focused on treatment and recovery, so his physical condition improved significantly. [NCT 127] After meeting the members and fans, and after talking with both Haechan and his doctor, it was decided that he would return to the promotion.

We would like to express our gratitude to the fans who have sent warm encouragement and support to Haechan, and we will do our best so that Haechan can promote in good health. thank you.

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