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TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwan’s Tourism Bureau has recommended activities in four national scenic spots across Taiwan for Taiwanese to welcome the New Year.

Northerners can participate in the “Northeast Coast Sunrise Series Activities” at Waio Beach in Yilan County, and watch the first sunrise of the year on Turtle Island. Afterwards, enjoy hiking and biking nearby.

People in central Taiwan can go to Guguan or Lishan for New Year’s Eve parties and welcome the New Year at an altitude of 2,000 meters.

This year’s Sun Moon Lake New Year’s Eve party begins at 8pm on Saturday (December 31st) and continues until the countdown and 480-second fireworks release at Shuishe Pier and Ita Thao Pier.

Southerners should not miss the “Alishan Sunrise Impression Concert” held at Chushan Sunrise Observatory on New Year’s Day from 5:30 to 7:30 am. You can enjoy the natural voices and dances of the natives against the background of Yushan, the sunrise and the sea of ​​clouds, and the melodic orchestral music on the mountain on New Year’s Day.

New Year fireworks at Sun Moon Lake.

Year-end and New Year Activities Recommended by the Taiwan Tourism Board

Lishan New Year’s Eve party. (Tourism Bureau photo)

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