No fishing activities in the Torkor Denu Lagoon till further notice –  Ketu South MCE

The Ketu South Municipal Security Council has temporarily banned fishing activities at the Torkor Denu Lagoon (Adafienu Concessions).

In a statement signed by MCE’s Maxwell Lugudor after an emergency MUSEC meeting, he said action was needed after a 77-year-old woman was found dead in a river near Laklevikope. rice field.

“The ban was required because a 77-year-old woman recently drowned.

The deceased, who was believed to have some medical condition called amnesia and had to leave home for most of the days, was found dead in the lagoon, according to family sources. The body was found on December 26, 2022, outside an embankment created by the Seven Seas Company.

As such, MCE Maxwell Lugdor has appealed to the public, especially those around the Lacrévicopé enclave, to refrain from entering and fishing the area until further notice.

The statement advised the public “not to engage in any fishing or human activity in the lagoon until authorized by the Municipal Security Committee of the Ketu South Municipal Council.”

A joint security service task force will be set up to search for groups or individuals suspected of violating Security Council orders.

Seven Seas Company is requested to immediately cease any form of activity in the Adafienne Concession until further notice.

The MCE has apologized for the inconvenience the ban may cause to residents.

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