No freedom for Islamic activities in any country like that in India: Muslim scholar

Cozy code: An Islamic scholar in Kerala said on Saturday that no other country in the world is as free to conduct Islamic activities as India, and such freedom of manipulation does not exist even in so-called Islamic countries.

Speaking at a program in this northern region, he asked if there were other countries that gave Muslim dress operational freedom like ours.

The statement by Ponmala Abdul Khader Musliyar, who belongs to the Islamic scholars’ group ‘Samastha Kerala Jem-iyyathul Ulama’ (Samastha), comes at a time of escalating debate over religious freedom among minority communities in the country. I was.

“If you look at the countries of the world, no other country has Islamic activities like India. Where are these organized activities possible?” he said.

He explained that even the familiar Gulf states such as the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, and even the Eastern Bloc countries such as Singapore and Malaysia, are no other country suitable for our (Islamic) activities.

Musliyar said that Islamist forces can operate to some extent from the grassroots level in India, which is not possible in countries such as Qatar, the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

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