Old students enjoin schools to prioritise extra-curricular activities | The Guardian Nigeria News

The 1992 set of students at Ayedere Ajibola High School in Lagos called on government and sector stakeholders to increase opportunities for students to observe extracurricular activities.

Segun Asano, who served as general secretary of the school from 2020 to 2022, explained at the school’s 30th anniversary ceremony that extracurricular activities help learners grow.

“The government should take education seriously and look into the mushroom schools that are scattered everywhere. Students should no longer have extracurricular activities. We should involve them in the work of helping them think, and if we were successful without social media, the government should help them focus on productive things,” Asano said.

He advised parents to regain discipline in ward training, adding that children should not be spoiled.
Outgoing Vice President Kehinde Adesanmi has advised the government to make education free and accessible to all and to provide learners with free meals.

“Today’s education cannot be compared to what we had. .

Older students provided wells and tanks for high and middle schools, and 20 modern whiteboards and school uniforms for 20 students.

SS 3 students in mentorship and career seminars provided mitigation during COVID-19, best students in the West African High School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) and middle school scholarships.

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