Outdoor activities in Regina this winter

The City of Regina has many outdoor winter activities, including nearly 20 toboggan hills and more than 50 skating rinks, available this season for residents and visitors of all ages and experience levels.

“We’re making the most of what’s here,” says Robyn Barklay, Regina’s cultural development coordinator. “We’re having a really nice sunny day and it’s great to get your soul out and experience nature. Lots of fun.”

A new addition to the city’s winter strategy this year is the community fire pit. They debuted at his 2022 Frost Festival, and the city said they were a big hit.

Residents can find fire pits in five parks with other activities.

  • Gocki Park (Al Ritchie Park Neighborhood Centre) – 445 14th Ave.
  • Les Chamins Park – 2404 Elphinstone St.
  • Mount Pleasant Sports Park – 750 Winnipeg Street
  • Regent Park – 3600 McKinley Avenue
  • Ruth M. Buck Park – 6208 Sherwood Park

Here are some fire tips provided by the city:

  • 1 adult (19+) must be present and in charge of the fire
  • Light a fire safely using a bonfire or newspaper
  • Do not ignite with lighter fluid, gasoline or alcohol
  • Use your own seasoned or manufactured firewood
  • Do not use trees or park materials in the fire pit
  • Provide a water source to quickly put out the fire if necessary
  • Put garbage in designated containers or take it home with you


This year, the city has designated 19 hills for residents to enjoy tobogganing and sledding.

  • AE Wilson – 6617 8th Ave.
  • Coventry Park – 20 Coventry Rd.
  • Dr. Ferguson Park – 129 Brotherton Ave.
  • Fairchild Park – 5350 Aerodrome Rd.
  • French Park – 1055 Mackintosh Street
  • Hopson Park – 3100 Rochdale Blvd.
  • Lakewood Park – 6024 Whelan Dr.
  • Mount Pleasant – 750 Winnipeg Ave
  • Pascoe Park – Bowl Threading Hill – 3199 19th Ave.
  • Plains Minnow Park – 3401 Green Lily Rd.
  • Prince William Park – 3860 Buckingham Dr.
  • Queen Elizabeth Jubilee Park – Broadway Avenue 11
  • Regent Poole Park – 560 Elphinstone St.
  • Rick Hansen Optimist Playground – 1010 McCarthy Blvd.
  • Ripplinger Park – 4070 Chuka Dr.
  • Ruth M. Buck – 6280 Dr. Sherwood
  • St. Anne Park – 342 Halifax Street
  • Stewart Russell Park – 1912 7th Ave.
  • Walker School – 5637 7th Ave.

Outdoor Shinny & Public Skating Rink

The city has six outdoor rinks where hockey players can play in the shinny. They are equipped with lights so the early darkness of winter doesn’t stop the game early.

  • Sheldon Williams – 2601 Coronation Street
  • Lebordas High School – 2330 25th Ave.
  • Varsity Park – 2600 Philip Rd.
  • Al Richie Arena – 2201 Edgar St.
  • Mahon Arena – Brotherton Avenue 130
  • Mount Pleasant Park – Winnipeg Street N & 9 Ave

Residents who don’t want to play shiny but want to skate outdoors can do so at more than 50 locations. Click here for the full list.

speed skating oval

At Mount Pleasant Park, an Olympic-sized speedskating oval was built for public use.

Open Monday through Friday from 4:00 PM to 11:00 PM.

The city requires no figure skates or hockey sticks on the track.

The rink is closed Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6pm to 9pm.

cross country ski

The city’s cross-country ski trails at Tall Hill Golf Course have opened again this year.

The 9-kilometer trail has areas for beginners, intermediate and advanced riders. The trail winds like a petal, allowing inexperienced skiers to descend at varying intervals depending on their personal fitness.

This year’s trail offers double-wide paths with a choice of skating ski tracks or classic cross-country ski tracks.

The trail is open daily from 8am to 7pm, weather permitting.

More than 35 kilometers of Nordic ski trails in and around Regina are open to all ages at the Regina Ski Club.

They offer programs, events and trips for beginner, recreational and competitive adaptive skiers.

They have also introduced groomed walking trails suitable for fat bikes.

Click here for more information on where fat bikes are and are not allowed.


Crokikarl combines the traditional Canadian board game with curling, one of Saskatchewan’s sports.

All games are free and can be found at four locations around the city.

  • Maple Brown Link – 255 Mikkelson Dr.
  • Imperial Park Link – 302 Broad St.
  • Pat Fiacco Plaza – Victoria Park
  • Gocki Park (Al Ritchie Arean) – 2201 Edgar St.

Crokikar Ice will be game ready from January 2023.

There are four locations provided by the city for those wishing to host an outdoor winter picnic.

  • AE Wilson Park/Rick Hansen Playground – 1010 McCarthy Blvd.
  • Rotary Park – 2650 Regina Ave.
  • Optimist Park – 1720 Empress Street
  • Grassick Park – 5325 Dewdney Ave.

According to the city website, the picnic area will be cleared of snow.

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