Padres’ Fernando Tatis Jr. cleared to resume baseball activities: Source

Padres infielder and outfielder Fernando Tatis Jr. has been cleared to resume baseball activity this weekend, team sources said. athletic on friday. This development marks a remarkable step in Tatis’ rehabilitation from multiple surgeries. Here’s what you should know:

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After Tatis’ recent surgery, there had been hope that baseball would be back in action in January. Friday’s news confirms that Tatis is on schedule.

Much remains uncertain about the path forward. Tatis hasn’t played in the major leagues since the end of the 2021 season. He is trying to recover from multiple major surgeries. He remains suspended after testing positive for the anabolic steroid Clostebol last year.

Returning to the field is a step towards answering these questions. During his suspension, Tatis will be able to attend spring training, including Cactus’ league games. The Padres hope he’s in good shape by the time players report to Arizona next month.

Where is Tatis physically located?

We’ll know more by next month — the pace of his hitting progress is unknown — but the Padres feel he’s in a good position. I had a second minor surgery in October after some debate about the level of healing on my wrist.

Of course, there are also shoulders to worry about. Other players have made similar maneuvers and struggled to come back, at least initially, and Tatis’ health will likely be a major plot point in his training in the spring. On Friday, he began his journey to get in shape, en route to San Diego.

where does he play

Somewhere in the outfield after signing shortstop Xander Bogaerts. Right field might make the most sense for Tatis and his arm. (Juan Soto has shown the team that he is open to playing in the corner outfield position. Tatis can also play left field.

No final decision has been made at this time. The Padres are expected to settle on a more concrete plan by next month. And Tatis may return to the infield at some point, if not in the near future. considered an option for Much depends on his health and roster status.

Did the Padres add a piece?

They can be done in terms of guaranteed contracts. People familiar with the team’s thinking say the Padres are facing self-imposed spending limits. Of course, owner Peter Seidler has repeatedly demonstrated his willingness to expand his budget, but another notable signing may come as a surprise. Interested in Cueto, but may be reluctant to meet his asking price.

San Diego needs more starting pitchers, so there will be more non-roster additions, and a trade could occur at some point. can also use a different bat. For now, they seem to be relying on the idea that he’ll be at least semi-productive when he returns.

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