Hitman GO Review

When you think of popular franchises that make their way to mobile devices, the experience is usually subpar. The mobile developer, probably under direction of the publisher, attempts to shoehorn a console experience into a mobile device. With Hitman GO, Square-Enix Montreal took the essence of the Hitman franchise and distilled it into a mobile device. Does this singular focus make for a well-balance mobile game? That's what we're about to find out.

The Traditional Hitman Experience

In traditional Hitman games you play as Agent 47, a professional hitman that’s one of the best in the world. You are assigned missions to eliminate a target and graded on your performance. You can eliminate the target using various methods, but no matter the method you must develop a strategy. It is the development of your strategy that garnered acclaim from the gaming community. With Hitman GO, the game is all about strategy.

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Destiny ‘Review’ – Why We Play Destiny

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