Limbo (Playstation Vita) Review

Confession–I didn’t play Limbo when it was originally released for Xbox Live. I heard how great the game was, but my mind wasn’t on indie games.  There were too many AAA games to play. And why would I want to spend money on a smaller game when I could put that money towards something like Saints Row? Time passed and Limbo made its way to PlayStation Vita.  A system that has collected dust for months now.  It was perfect timing.  Earlier this week I wanted to focus on Vita games and Limbo seemed like the perfect game to start my journey. Did I make the right choice? Continue reading Limbo (Playstation Vita) Review

Hands-On With The Last Of Us


The Last of Us, it’s a game that has been hyped for the last week and a half as the ‘game of year’ and even ‘game of the generation’.  Yet for all the hype, I’ve yet to see what all the fuss is about.  After three hours in this is what I’ve experienced.

The ’10’ is in The Story

Story, characters, and atmosphere…this is where the game shines.  I’ve never said this about a game, but I’d rather watch The Last of Us instead of play it.  The intro sequence is better than most the games of this generation.  The environment reminds of Fallout– crafted with detail to make you feel like the world has ended.  While some people will complain about the way the game makes them feel, I enjoy it. When I encountered the clickers for the first time I didn’t speak…matter of fact I was mad at the characters for talking.  I didn’t want them to give away my position. Continue reading Hands-On With The Last Of Us

African-American Journalists and The Gaming Industry Part 1

Are we overlooking a great character?

While you are reading this article do me a favor.

  • Open up a new tab in your browser
  • Visit your favorite major gaming outlet
  • Find the staff section
  • Count the number of African-American writers on staff

How many Af-Am writers are employed at your favorite gaming outlet? If you aren’t satisfied with your answer you can visit another site and follow the steps listed above. Did you find any this time?

I have often wondered why I do not see more African-American writers on the staff of popular video game websites. I know that we exist. There are plenty of gamers who are intelligent, articulate, and have a passion for games. Yet, when I looked at the staff list for 10 of the most popular gaming websites—I only found 2 African-American writers! It was a truth that I did not want to accept; Continue reading African-American Journalists and The Gaming Industry Part 1

Sleeping Dogs Hands-On


Open world characters are often one-dimensional. Either you are a cowboy, immigrant, or a superhero. Your actions and story are dictated by this origin. But what if your character wasn’t as one-dimensional? Instead of playing as a cop, you had to play as a gangster as well. Gone are the barriers of ‘good and evil’, instead you must fight for your life. Square Enix decided to take the road less traveled with Sleeping Dogs. Does this unique approach to open world achieves the title of “sleeper hit” given by Gamestop? Or is it another title destined for the bargain bin. After enough curiosity I decided to give the game a try.So far, what I’ve experienced is not a sleeper hit, but a title that put me to sleep. Continue reading Sleeping Dogs Hands-On