Let’s Talk Race and Racism In Games

I can remember the first time I watched Rosewood. It was a visual representation of what I read about in school. About the evil that one race of people can inflict on another. I remember finishing that movie and side-eying White people for about a week. I was young, but the truth was out, and I then knew what many people would try to forget. Racism, discussions of race and the way in which we treat those of color today share many of the similarities of the period in which Rosewood takes place. And while many forms of media attempt to depict the racial climate of America and our history, video games struggle with the idea that you can be entertaining and push boundaries. Let’s Talk Race and Racism In Games

I Need To Start Finishing Games Again

Today the gaming gods smiled down upon me—I was able to secure the SNES classic from Nintendo. It was all for one game, Final Fantasy III; my favorite game of all time. And as I browsed the catalog and played a quick game of F-Zero before heading out to work I reveled in the nostalgia of all the games I grew up with. Just a weekend of old school games, until I discovered Cuphead released today. I Need To Start Finishing Games Again

The ‘Joy’ Of Shopping At GameStop

There’s a certain feeling you get when you walk into your favorite store. A sense of excitement and mystery, as you look earnestly to see what new products await you.  When walking in that store, there’s an emphasis on design that can create a sense of belonging–You instantly know that you and the other customers share a common bond. It’s this reason I end up spending money 95% of the time I visit Wish in Atlanta. It’s also why I visit the Nike Store or the Apple Store in Lenox, knowing good and damn well there’s nothing new in the store from the last visit. Yet I’ll visit those stores every time I’m in the mall. But the opposite is also true. Visit a store that cares more about moving product and you feel a sense of dread…like how I feel when I visit GameStop.

The ‘Joy’ Of Shopping At GameStop