Halo 4 Campaign Review


Over the holiday break I had the chance to complete the campaign for Halo 4. A nine-hour adventure when set on the heroic difficulty, Halo 4 felt more like the prologue to a trilogy than the true first act. While it continues to hold up to the standards set forth by Bungie, the original creators of Halo, it doesn’t do enough to break away from the accomplishment of past games. Continue reading Halo 4 Campaign Review

Dishonored Review

Sneak Attack


  • Difficulty: (Normal)
  • Play style: (Stealth)
  • Console: (PS3)

Dishonored is a fun game, the problem is that I just don’t care about anyone in the game while playing. It places emphasis on game mechanics and gameplay rather than focusing on the story. The game begins with a rushed introduction to the characters and plot. You play as Corvo, the protector of the empress, and her daughter Emily. As soon as you take control of Corvo and meet the empress, she is murdered and you are thrown in jail. It is now your duty to rescue Emily and extract your revenge on the people who framed you. Because the story is quickly thrust upon you, it is hard to find the desire to save Emily Continue reading Dishonored Review

Why We Should Pay Attention To Lee Everett

Ask yourself this question. When was the last time you played a video game and the lead character was black? I’ll even go one step further. What was the last game you played with a lead black character that you cared about? The list of games with strong lead black characters is small. The number declines even more when count the characters that don’t follow the stereotypical roles. The last black character for a popular game (that I can think of) was CJ from GTA: San Andreas. Outside of sports games you won’t get see too many minorities on the cover of game boxes. Hell, I’d argue that you wouldn’t see too many of us on sports covers if black athletes weren’t some of the most popular athletes! Continue reading Why We Should Pay Attention To Lee Everett