We Ran Out Of Medals

https://youtu.be/KNNgxTYBd_k About a month ago I decided to take the crucible seriously.  Instead of jumping in random games and running around like a damn fool I decided to actually play more deliberately.  This match was recorded during my chase for Ace of Spades.  In pursuing a certain number of Arc kills to complete part of [...]

Red Dead 2 – Chapter One

When Microsoft and Sony introduced the current generation, I can remember being a bit underwhelmed. It wasn’t that either console performed poorly, it’s that neither of them matched the hype. They were good but not second coming good. Of course, this is partly because most of us were still using 1080p televisions. After the 3D [...]

Story and Difficulty

So far I’ve recruited three people to join Olberic on his quest for answers and vengeance. Honestly, it’s been a minute since I’ve focused on his journey that I’ve actually forgotten many of the early details. Anyway, the three people that I recruited are: Primrose Alfyn Therion Four intro stories 5 1/2 hours isn’t that [...]